ilana (ilana_frombklyn) wrote in staticrescendo,

Hello - I am proud to say I have just joined this community. I used to live in the live music capital of the world (Austin TX) and had the most amazing clarinet teacher, whose lessons basically included "jamming out" (jazz improv). This was something that I loved above almost anything else in my life at that point, and it was very disappointing when he moved away. Then shortly after I moved away as well, to New York, and sold my clarinet.

ANYWAY for my birthday my parents have gotten me a clarinet FOR MY VERY OWN that I brought to New York. Now, it is sitting in front of me, and I have experimented a bit after YEARS and years of playing, and I am starting up again in a journey that will likely lead me to a happy obsession once again.

So here's to free expression, to music as detailed and flawed as one's emotions, and to improvization.

Some questions the friendly folks around here might be able to help me with:
Anyone in the Brooklyn area up for jamming sessions??
I have been playing the clarinet for years by default, but it has basically worked for me. Is it time for me to part with it and get an instrument more traditionally suited for the task of serious jamming? Like, a saxaphone? I've tried guitar and I'm just not suited for it, it's led me to believe I'm best with woodwinds.

Thank you for your time... have a great halloween
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