Menace Ramirez (themayanlion) wrote in staticrescendo,
Menace Ramirez

This Cathartic Nail - Comments, Critiques, Advice?

Hello, my name is Dennis Ramirez.

While I'e had to put it on hiatus for awhile, i'm able to finish working on a music project i had started 3 years ago, called This Cathartic Nail.

It is instrumental, with poetry and art for each song. it is a concept album, dealing with love and spirituality. I've recorded all of the guitars myself and programmed the drums and percussion as well. The violins on Anathema were a draft recorded by a friend, so they do slip a little. I was unable to have her re-record them before i ended up moving to Chicago (where i cureently live)

Most of the songs are in demo or draft stages, as they were recorded prior to the hiatus i had to take, and some i haven't had a chance to finish, while others just needed to be re-recorded. I guess, while I am going through the process of re-doing these songs, I'd like any opinions or advice anyone might have.

here is a link to a newer demo i started to record earlier this year which isn't featured on the site yet.

but yes, while i have already started rewriting the songs, it is easy for me to develop tunnel vision, so it's nice to have outside opinions. if you do need a starting point, the most complete songs on there are "Anathema" and "The Crown of Tiphareth", while the rest range from incomplete to 'finished'.

Thanks in advance,
Dennis Ramirez.
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