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Static Instrumental

Unending walls of sound, an infinite crescendo.

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This is a community dedicated to instrumental rock, experimental jazz, noise and other such related genres. Post bands you think ought to be brought to light- local instrumental, your own band or your random discovery. Reviews, mp3s, links, tours, show photos and what not.

For pure instrumental freedom.

"Independence is to our minds the affirmation of real community, real conversation, and the real exchange of artistic work. The urgent task is to build up and promote real dependency through a network of dissemination and valuation of culture that strives to address the truth of our human situation - a dependency based on freedom, critique, and dialogue. Obviously putting out rock music, however experimental and boundary-pushing, is only obliquely a political and social activity, but we nevertheless hope to contribute in a tiny way to a meaningful model of communication which takes its lead from art. We deal with bands face-to-face, without formal contracts, on the basis of ongoing discussion and mutual decision-making. A shared understanding of principles is crucial to the process, the aim being to collectively define and set the terms of engagement. Our foremost concern is to minimise the corrupting effect of bringing a work to market, allowing it to preserve its own terrain, to speak for itself. We are learning as we go, attempting to remain as critical as possible about our methods of self-definition." - Constellation Records